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Knights leadership approach bob knight grew up in a

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Knight’s Leadership Approach Bob Knight grew up in a very household with a perfectionistic father and strict mother that believed in an extremely disciplined style of parenting. As a direct result, Knight himself was also extremely disciplined towards his players and did not play favorites, meaning that if he saw that a player was not trying hard enough, that player would not play the next game even if he was one of the star players. Coach Knight motivated his players in a blunt and honest style by threatening to take away scholarships or even simply dropping them from the team. He always pushed his team to his very high expectations by using drills that as meticulously planned as they were executed. This shows that his view of players and people is one that sees everyone in a very stark light, either as someone who is willing to work hard for what they earn or someone who lacks motivation and discipline. It is a very black and white approach. He expects no less from others than he does himself, which means that expects people to go above and beyond the call of duty. Knight used a tough love approach that was usually tough more than love for his players even when the player was his own son. He saw the world like he saw the game of basketball as being filled with rules and regulations that must be obeyed with utmost precision and the people around him were no exception to those rules. Coach Knight’s Leadership Styles and Behaviors
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Coach Knight has a very aggressive leadership style that seems to fit very well to a coaching job. He also has the characteristics that people admire in leaders, like being
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