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Thesis Final Report (long)

50 thank you so much for your time respondent 43

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Unformatted text preview: 50. Thank you so much for your time! Respondent # 43 Assalam-ualkium! We are students of SZABIST and we are conducting a research based on bargaining specifically in open air retail markets like Sunday Bazaar. The interview will take 5- 7 minutes and we will appreciate if you can be a part of this exercise. Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Husband and Wife Income Bracket: Age bracket: 40-45 Profession: Airforce Q: Where is your residence? A: PAF Base Masroor Q: How frequently do you visit Sunday Bazaar? A: We come here thrice a month Q: Considering that where you live is far away from here, why do you specifically visit this market? A: (Wife) The market is very convenient in every sense Q: What do you usually buy from here? A: (Husband) Mostly it is garments (Wife) We also visit original outlets of various companies to buy things from there (consumer goods) Q: Do you buy fruits and vegetables from here? A: (Wife) Yes we buy from there. Even though we know that they are expensive but they are very neat and clean Q: So do you bargain? A: (Wife) Yes Definitely we do Q: Let’s say this is for Rs. 1000. What price will you buy it for it through bargaining? A: (Wife) If the retailer is a Pathan, we will quote half price of what he has said and they usually sell it to us at that 113 Q: What attributes do you look at when buying an item? A: (Wife) it depends on a person’s own nature on what he wants (Husband) The quality should be good Q: Do you both come together? A: Yes Q: Is this just an outing for you? A: It is the shopping experience and not an outing for us since now you don’t have the time to leave kids at home and come here for an outing and this is not an outing point Q: In your opinion are women better bargainers in comparison to men? A: We believe that both of us are good bargainers and we have a mutual understanding Q: If I ask you to list down the qualities of a good bargainer then what would you say? A: (wife) that is based on one’s own nature and according to interest Q: Do you discuss purchases made here amongst family members and friends at social gatherings? A: (wife) yes I always discuss it with my friends Q: How do they respond? A: All my friends usually come here and now it doesn’t matter if we’ve bought items from here. We see a lot of big authorities shopping over here Q: Do you bargain on fruits and vegetables? A: Yes we do Q: Do you know about the rate sheet that is available for the prices of grocery items? A: Yes. The rate sheet exists but in evening after 6 pm rates vary and are lowered Q: Let’s say you bought an item for the price you wanted, how do you feel? A: (Wife) we feel happy (Husband) we feel a little happy and satisfied Q: Let’s say you bought an item and you go to another shop and see it is priced much lower, how would you feel?...
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50 Thank you so much for your time Respondent 43...

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