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Thesis Final Report (long)

A yes a lot q according to you what are the qualities

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A: Yes a lot! Q: According to you, what are the qualities of a good bargainer? A: He should have the sense to shop and know about the product he is buying. If he has the idea, he can do it. Q: Do you consider yourself as a good bargainer? A: Definitely. Q: Do people around you consider you as a good bargainer? A: Yes... They know me, the shopkeepers know me now Q: Do females bargain more or men? A: Females Q: Why do you say so? A: because they shop a lot more Q: Is it that they have better market knowledge or is it the fact that they like arguing more? A: No no! it is because of their market knowledge. They have more knowledge as compared to males Q: Do you think males bargain? A: Rarely... Even if they do it, they can never do it as much as females Q: Is building a relationship with the retailer important for a transaction to be successful? A: Yes it is..why would he listen to you if you don’t build a good relationship with him. If you talk to him rudely, why would he sell anything to you? Q: Since when have you been coming here? A: For the past three years now Q: So you must have seen Sunday Bazaar changing, in terms of development? A: Yes. When I used to come in the beginning it was not so well made. But now everything stall etc are well made Q: Do you think there has been a difference in pricing after the change? A: No I don’t think so Q: Is the retailer smarter now that the market has been upgraded? A: Nope… They are the same. However, the prices are increasing normally so the prices have gone up a little but not that much Q: So do you discuss your purchases with your friends and family? A: Yes I do. I usually come here with them only. So sitting here we discuss all our purchases. Q: You don’t shy away from telling people that you’ve bought a certain item from Sunday Bazaar and its price? A: No I don’t feel shy about it 119
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Q: How do you feel when you buy an item for the price you want through bargaining? A: I feel very happy Q: How do you feel when you buy an item for the price you want through bargaining and later you find it cheaper some where else? A: It saddens me but I feel proud to tell people that if I’ve bought it cheaply saying that I’ve bought it less expensive then the other person Q: So is it achievement that you feel when you’ve made a successful bargaining attempt? A: Yes Q: and they people around you consider you a good bargainer then? A: They come with me for this reason only because I have an idea Q: Do you think it makes a difference if someone is from a certain caste/race (sindhi Pashtu speaking)? A: No no. I your relationship is good and he is talking to you, that’s all Q: So language in your opinion does not make a difference? A: No I don’t think so. Thank you so much for your time! Respondent # 47 Assalam-ualkium! We are students of SZABIST and we are conducting a research based on bargaining specifically in open air retail markets like Sunday Bazaar. The interview will take 5- 7 minutes and we will appreciate if you can be a part of this exercise.
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