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Mendes explains it was just me and my mother so i

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was a troubled fantasist…I was escaping from my parents’ divorce.” Mendes explains. “It was just me and my mother, so I lived in my head most of the time.” 2 As director, Sam Mendes likes to find personal dimension in his projects, and there was no exception with the film American Beauty . “[American Beauty] was about dysfunctional families. And without wanting to sound rude about it, my family was not entirely functional.” 3
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Sam Mendes made a most attention-getting film debut with American Beauty . The film won a number of awards in 1999 including Oscars for Cinematography – Alan Ball, Directing – Sam Mendes, Best Picture – Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks (producers), and Writing – Alan Ball. 4 Though a newcomer, it was early known that Sam Mendes would make his mark with American Beauty . Of his style, Mendes has said “I tend to look for simple organic properties that can have a hundred meanings…”. 5 Film critic Glenn Whipp wrote that “Director Sam Mendes…gives the movie a stunning visual fluidity, full of knockout imagery and artful subtlety.” 61 In having complete control over all elements of production, and the direction that he chose to lead the film; it is safe to say that Sam Mendes was the major creative force behind American Beauty . Unlike Sam Mendes, for Conrad Hall film production for the movie American Beauty was a process all too familiar. The 73-year-old eight-time Oscar nominee served as American Beauty's director of photography. As a veteran, the list of films that the famed cinematographer has worked on is expected to be lengthy. His filmography contains a list of over 35
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