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Skills test 3 review blood administration precautions

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Skills Test 3 Review blood administration precautions: a verify patient b verify the unit of blood c spike the unit and begin transfusion slowly 30-50mL/hr for first 15 minutes d most reactions will occur during this time e AFTER first 15 minutes, check VS and if all is okay, slide rate to 125- 150mL/hr each unit of blood should be administered within a 2 hour time frame! NO HANGING LONGER THAN THAT :) f check patient every 30 minutes to an hour, and if any problems arise, stop infusion immediately...keep the line open with normal saline but do NOT run the NS in the same line as the infusion g page 1022-1024 in textbook Recognize transfusion reactions and review the steps to manage them a see table 41-12 on page 1023 :) REVIEW IV RATE CALCULATIONS
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