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Pysch Discussion Jepordy Review

James lange theory theory proposes that different

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James-Lange Theory: theory proposes that different patterns of physiological activity are associated with different emotions General Adaptation Syndrome: (Hans Salve) Concept refers to the body’s physiological response to stress which occurs in the following stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion Schachter-Singer Theory: Cognitive appraisal -subjects -uninformed –misinformed -control Lifetime prevalence: Incident Prevalence: Psychiatrists: usually prescribe medication Axis V: DSM-IV functioning Somatization Disorder: type of somatoform disorder characterized by multiple and recurrent physical symptoms that have no physical cause
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Coping: process by which a person attempts to manage stressful demands Amygdala: tumor in this part of the brain would result in the inability to recognize facial expressions and behave appropriately Systematic Desensitization (Phobias): Switching between vivid imagination and progressive muscle relaxation is used to treat this disorder Operant behavioral therapies believe that maladaptive behavior has been learned and maintained by a history of Reinforcement and Punishment Schizophrenia: extreme disruptions of perceptions of thoughts, emotions, and behavior. 5 subtypes 1. Disorganized 2. Paranoid 3. Catatonic 4. Misc. 5. Axis III: General Medial Conditions (DSM-IV) Most common disorders Substance Abuse: Alcoholism Mood Disorders: Depression Anxiety Disorders: Social Phobias
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