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Everything about the healthy shack would be healthy

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The fuel use and omissions in the environment are also a concern as well. Everything about the Healthy Shack would be healthy. We would use recycled paper to wrap the food in and solar power to cook and prepare the food with. The majority of our meals are negative calorie. This means it takes more calories for your body to burn off the food than the foods actually add to your body. This causes weight to decrease and boosts overall health. Those meals that are not negative calorie add very little and can easily be worked off by a short brisk walk. As previously stated Americans spend over $110 billion dollars a year on fast food but they spent less than half of that on vegetables. (Cooper, 2007) It’s time to put the odds back in our waistlines and our health’s’ favor. It’s time to offer our society truly healthy and quick options at mealtime. It’s time, for the Healthy Shack.
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Everything about the Healthy Shack would be healthy We...

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