generally known as e mail is a technology for exchanging information or

Generally known as e mail is a technology for

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, generally known as e-mail, is a technology for exchanging information or messages on the Internet between a sender and one or many recipients. E-mail is generally acknowledged to have revolutionised business correspondence, and has become the main medium of electronic communication for many organisations. E-mail is easy to use and is more practical and efficient than postal mail. 7.2 E-M AIL A DDRESS AND E-M AIL S TRUCTURE Concepts An E-mail address contains information about the e-mail box to which e-mail messages are delivered. For example, an e-mail address such as [email protected] is comprised of a user name (JDoe), an @ symbol, a domain name (ecdl), and an extension (.org). E-mail Message E-mail messages comprise of two areas, the message header and the message body. The header is organised into fields, for example, From, To, CC, Subject, Date, and other data about the e-mail. The body contains the message and sometimes a signature towards the end. To: The e-mail address(es), and alternatively name(s) of the message's recipient(s). Cc: Carbon copy; for optional recipients who are not the primary intended recipient. Bcc: Blind carbon copy; addresses added to the list but not recorded in the message information, so that they cannot be read by other recipients. Subject: A brief synopsis of the topic of the message. Abbreviations are usually utilised as a part of the subject, including "RE:" for reply and "FW:" for forward.
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