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In 1978 southern brazil started to become and over

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In 1978, southern Brazil started to become and over populated area and living conditions became very poor. The need to expand, find work and better living conditions became great. Many countries came together with the same problem and decided to sign a treaty to promote economic development in the rainforest. Many settlements areas were constructed as well as freeways and power plants. This helped many people come out of poverty and improved living conditions greatly and provided thousands of jobs to people. Although this was a good way to expand and make living conditions better, it negatively affected the environment including all the rare plants and animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. One method that is used during the process of deforestation is burning down the forest. This lets out a lot of carbon dioxide, which is said to be a leading cause to global warming. The burning of many animals homes have potentially caused extinction to many creatures and endangered many as well. Wind patterns have also been thrown off due to the trees no longer standing where they for so many years once stood.
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SOCIOLOGY PERSPECTIVE ON RELIGION 3 Within the last ten years or so, many laws have been passed to better control deforestation to preserve species and to also promote agriculture. Sally Driscoll and Simone Flynn, discuss many interesting facts about the Amazon
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In 1978 southern Brazil started to become and over...

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