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Under these pseudo first order conditions estimate

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Under these pseudo first-order conditions, estimate the time in hours to complete the reaction. (e) After one half of the reaction is complete, estimate the rate of disappearance of cyclohexyliodide. Comment on whether this makes sense. (f) Estimate the free energy of activation for this reaction at 330 K -- a calculator may be needed here:) (i) Your roommate Joe Quick has no intention of waiting that many days for the reaction to complete. He has come to you for advise about how to speed up this reaction. Unfortunately, heating the reaction to higher temperature appears to degrade the desired product. What other change in conditions would you suggest? Chem 33, Kanan & Stack, 2012, PS 6; pg 6
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10. SN2 cyclization reactions. Note that sodium hydride is a strong, non-nucleophilic base that produces H 2 (g) upon deprotonation of a substrate. (a) For the following cyclization reaction, predict the stereochemistry of the product (a model is helpful!). Br SH NaH DMF (b) Draw a detailed arrow-pushing mechanism for part a. (c) Consider a more complicated cyclization reaction. Provide the product and its appropriate stereochemistry. H 3 C CH 3 Br Br 0.5 equiv. H 2 S 1 equiv NaH DMF S 9. For each of the following SN2 reactions, the products indicated are not formed at an appreciable rate. Account for the failure of each reaction to occur as written. If alternative products to those shown are formed, indicate them. (a) HO + CH 3 CH 3 ---> CH 3 OH + CH 3 (b)NH 3 + CH 3 OH 2 + ---> CH 3 NH 3 + + H 2 O (c) I + CH 2 =CHBr ---> CH 2 =CHI + Br Chem 33, Kanan & Stack, 2012, PS 6; pg 7
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