7 Note that the native units of SketchUp are inches just like AutoCAD in other

7 note that the native units of sketchup are inches

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7. Note that the native units of SketchUp are inches, just like AutoCAD, in other words, if you type a distance of 100 and do not put the foot symbol after it (’) it will be interpreted by SketchUp as 100 inches. If you mean feet, type the foot mark (’). To separate fractions of an inch from whole inches, leave a space. 8. At any time while you are drawing an entity, for example, a line or rectangle, you can type the dimensions in the "VCB" box and the entity will be drawn to those dimensions.
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SketchUp Instructions Page 4 a. If you want to draw a line that is 9 feet 6 inches long, start to draw the line in the direction you want, then type: 9' 6" (you don't need to click in the "VCB" box in order to type in it, just start typing), and then press Enter. b. If you want to draw a rectangle that is 6 feet 6 inches wide by 4 feet 6 inches deep, begin to draw the rectangle, type: 6' 6", 4' 6" (again, you don't need to type in the "VCB" box), and then press Enter. 9. As you draw lines when a start or end point of the line aligns with another point, SketchUp will signal graphically by drawing a red, green or blue line from point to point – like the illustration below: 14. Draw a plane Draw a rectangle Change to a 3d view: select the isometric icon: The drawing will look like this:
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SketchUp Instructions Page 5 Select the Push-Pull tool: Click the left mouse button on the top face and pull it up. If you want to be precise about the distance, type a number (add the foot mark if you mean feet). Turn on shadows:
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SketchUp Instructions Page 6 Note that you can set the month of the year and the time of day for setting the sun direction. You can change the color of any modeled surface. To do that, select the Paint Bucket:
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SketchUp Instructions Page 7 The Materials dialogue box will appear. Select “Colors” from the pull-down list:
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