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Economic factors effecting us today 3 proposed

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Economic Factors Effecting Us Today 3 proposed unemployment-related policies include policies to drug-test unemployed individuals, along with others that are receiving unemployment benefits (Lennard, 2013). The greatest benefit of this plan is that it ensures that public assistance goes to those individuals for whom the programs are intended and not to individuals that are using the public welfare for the wrong reasons. Expectations “The economy likely will dip this spring as it has the past couple of years this time because of the Washington deficit-cutting. But the housing rebound and less-debt-laden consumers should ease the pain”. (Davidson, 2013) The housing market is expected to improve as more people become employed and pick up the pieces from struggling in a harder economy. Eventually more people will become interested and pursue opening up a small business or purchasing a newer home this will result in a better economy. As the demand for housing increases interest rates will possibly increase depending on the state of the economy. “After a long and painful downturn in the housing market, home prices are finally beginning to head north. According to Zillow, a real estate listing website, home values rose 5.1% across the United States between February 2012 and February 2013.” (Weigley, 2013) With taxes increasing for major corporations and consumers the cleanup is currently taking place of getting this economy back in shape. The best way to keep the economy heading towards an incline is to keep taxes where they are to produce revenue. Job growth has increased and the goal of the Ben Bernanke is to continue the stimulus until the job market improves significantly.
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Economic Factors Effecting Us Today 4 The good times for people will slowly arrive and people will begin to have more confidence in the economy again. Interest Rates The use of interest rates are a means for achieving desired economic conditions. Interest rate is a tool in which to stabilize the economic conditions by limiting inflation. The Federal Reserve has the authority to make the changes to the interest rates.
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Economic Factors Effecting Us Today 3 proposed unemployment...

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