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Positive Psychology Spring 2013

Signature strengths personal traits that a person

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Signature strengths: personal traits that a person owns, celebrates and frequently exercises - A strength needs to be manifest in persons thoughts, feelings and behaviors - The strength contributes to the good life of self and others Class 4 Positive Emotions - Emotions one brief - Multi-component system - Initiated by meaning assessment - Distinct from mood - Triggar self-sustaining spirals Appraisal - Conscious/unconscious - Emotions: start with assessment/ personal meaning of antecedent behavior Positive emotion = markers of optimal well-being/ flourishing - Positive emotions produce optimal functioning: facilitate approach behavior – prompt individuals to engage with their environment and partake in activities Broaden and build theory of positive emotions - Positive emotions broaden people’s momentary though-action repertoires widening the array of thoughts and actions that come to mind Positive emotions build resources: - Intellectual resources - Physical resources - Social resources - Psychological resources Class 5 Optimism = the stable tendency “to believe that good rather than bad things will happen”
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= a mood or attitude associated with an expectation about the social or material future – one which the evaluator regards as socially desirable to his advantage or his pleasure Pessimism versus Optimism - Permanent: it is going to last forever - Pervasive: it is going to undermine/help everything - Personal: it is my fault/I am always successful when it counts #bad event – getting sick Optimistic - Permanent: I will be good in two days - Pervasive: I just get to relax for a day and read all my stuff and catch up - Personal: I always get better soon when I get sick Pessimistic: - Permanent: I will keep getting sick, I always get sick - Pervasive: I can’t study or do w/e I need to – it affects my whole life - Personal: My immune system sucks Gratitude - Momentary effect – emotional response to a gift/benefit/other’s good will towards the individual -
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Signature strengths personal traits that a person owns...

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