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Premise for 4 6 it is not a question any more

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PREMISE for 4 [6] It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses. Conclusion PREMISE (like 4, but has more info) (Adapted from John Gofman, interviewed in Nuclear Witness ) 14. [1] The only way you could license nuclear power plants and not have murder is if you could guarantee perfect containment. [2] But they admit that they're not going to contain it perfectly. [3] They allow workers to get irradiated, and [4] they have an allowable dose for the population. So [5] in essence I can figure out from their allowable amounts how many they are willing to kill per year. (John Gofman, interviewed in Nuclear Witness ) 15. [1] People like myself and a lot of the atomic energy scientists in the late fifties deserve 2
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Nuremberg trials. [2] At Nuremberg we said those who participate in human experimentation are committing a crime. [3] Scientists like myself who said in 1957, "Maybe Linus Pauling is right about radiation causing cancer, but we don't really know, and therefore we shouldn't stop progress," were saying in essence that it's all right to experiment. ... So [4] we were experimenting on humans, weren't we? [5] But once you know that your nuclear power plants are going to release radioactivity and kill a certain number of people, you are no longer committing the crime of experimentation--you are committing a higher crime. [6] Scientists who support these nuclear plants--knowing the effects of radiation--don't deserve trials for experimentation; they deserve trials for murder. [John Gofman, interviewed in Nuclear Witness ] 16. [1] News reporters should be able to refuse to reveal their confidential sources. [2] The reporter/informant relationship is, after all, similar to those of the priest and penitent, lawyer and client, doctor and patient--all of which are protected under the law. And [3] if it weren’t protected, many sources of information much needed by the public would disappear. Obviously, [4] Congress should pass all appropriate legislation to protect source confidentiality. (Adapted from Beardsley, Thinking Straight ) 17. [1] We should not equate knowledge with mere belief. [2] If someone believes that there are 112 marbles in a jar but only as a mere matter of luck happens to be right, that person does not know that there are 112 marbles in that jar. [3] See? A lucky guess is not knowledge. 18. [1] The current system of financing political campaigns is far too costly because [2] it makes it almost impossible for anyone who is not a millionaire to achieve public office. This is why [3] we need campaign reform, under which elections are publicly financed.
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PREMISE for 4 6 It is not a question any more radiation...

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