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Many reported ghost sightings involve reenactments of battles

In verification of the ghost phenomenon it will

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physical phenomenon or effects to be measured. In verification of the ghost phenomenon, it will require the experimenter to research multiple instances of this phenomenon to prove a causal relationship. Also, other scientists might want to do the experiment to have an independent research done on the same phenomenon. The repetition of the same phenomenon may not happen again to form a firm causal relationship between the phenomenon independent variable and dependent variable. In proving a theory, the theory must be based on quantitative experiment, all variables must be accounted for and any other causes or effects explained. In this phenomenon, we cannot measure quantifiable or physical objects or effects. How do you measure emotions or feelings? How do you measure ghost sightings? In addition, the link between independent variable and dependent variable is not strong if you cannot measure anything and it cannot be a correlation either. In other words, if you do an experiment, there must be a physical phenomenon or effects to be measured.
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