These capabilities can not only improve efficiency

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create a critical vulnerability that an adversary can exploit. These capabilities can not only improve efficiency and common understanding during routine, peacetime interaction among participants, they can also enhance combat effectiveness during time-compressed operations associated with both combat and noncombat operations.
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Topic 3 C2 and Joint Task Force C2 Guidance-Command and control guidance, both internal and external to the JTF, should be established prior to JTF activation. The JTF establishing authority should provide the initial C2 guidance that includes command relationships. Information Management- The complexity of JTF operations requires a process to assist the commander in exercising C2. The information management process facilitates the commander’s decision -making by improving the speed and accuracy of information flow as well as supporting execution through reliable communications. The goal of common understanding of information and appropriate sharing of the same is achieved through the proper management of personnel, equipment and facilities, and procedures. This management is conducted by a viable information management organization. Commander's Decision Cycle- The commander's decision cycle is a process that depicts how command and staff elements determine required actions, codify them in directives, execute them, and monitor their results. The commander's decision cycle has four phases: monitor, assess, plan, and direct.
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