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MORAL PROBLEMS - Final paper

There are many couples and even single parents

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There are many couples, and even single parents, looking and waiting for a child to raise as their own and it isn’t fair to deny this child that opportunity. Also, by aborting the baby you are ensuring that this child will never be adopted by a loving set of parents, which is also not fair. Every child deserves the chance at a future, not just the ones that are planned. On the issue of birth control, there are plenty of free clinics that provide free birth control and condoms. There is no reason for anyone, especially teens, to be participating in unprotected sex and not taking the necessary precautions against pregnancy, especially if they are worried about getting caught. If they are worried about their parents finding out about their sexual activity, then they shouldn’t be engaging in sex to begin with. Lastly, it is true that not all mothers experience the emotional and psychological pain associated with abortion but there are a fair number that do. Having an abortion can take a real toll on a woman and there isn’t a set criterion for who will experience these feelings and who won’t, so why risk it? There is also the issue of a woman being pressured by the father of the child to get an abortion. This can amplify the psychological effects that the mother experiences due to the fact that she doesn’t want to hurt her male partner but also may not want to get an abortion. Neither decision will make her happy and can cause added regret and depression. There are two exceptions to my Pro-Life view and that is under the circumstances of rape and when pregnancy becomes a health risk to the mother. When a woman is raped and becomes pregnant as a result, she was not in control of the situation at all. She did not choose to engage in sexual intercourse and the consequences of that action are entirely not her fault.
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Carrying the child of a man who attacked and hurt you can cause psychological pain to the mother that she should not have to bear. Abortion and the Pro-Life argument
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There are many couples and even single parents looking and...

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