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Question 74Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionRegarding short-answer tests, such as fill-in-the-blank or define a term, which of the following statements is/are TRUE? AnswerAs you study, pay special attention to the lists of related terms. The best way to prepare for short-answer tests is to overlearn the details of the course. When taking a short-answer test, it is best to start with questions you are sure you know, followed by those you probably know. All of these statements are true. Add Question Here Question 75Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe _____ is an electronic network of interlinked computers. Add Question Here Question 76Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionWhen using websites, Add Question Here Question 77Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe _____ is a system of information “sites” accessible through the Internet. Add Question Here Question 78Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionTanisha reaches her instructor’s website by typing in the electronic address called the _____. Once she reaches the website, she clicks on the _____ to jump from one site to the next to find more information about various psychological topics. AnswerURL; links. browser; links link; CD-ROM URL; CD-ROM Add Question Here Question 79Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionA _____ is software that facilitates access to text, images, sounds, and video clips stored in formats used on the Internet.
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