Known as merchants circle diagram which is convenient

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Known as Merchant’s circle diagram, which is convenient to determine the relation between the various forces and angles. In the diagram two force triangles have been combined and R and R’ together have been replaced by R. the force R can be resolved into two components F c and F t . Fc and Ft can be determined by force dynamometers. t c F F R The rake angle (α) can be measured from the tool, and forces F and N can then be determined. The shear angle ( ) can be obtained from it’s relation with chip reduction coefficient. Now Fs & Fn can also be determined. Merchant’s Circle Diagram Work Tool Chip Clearance Angle F t F c F N F n F s α α β ( β - α ) R
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The procedure to construct a Merchant’s circle diagram Work Tool Chip Clearance Angle F t F c F N F n F s α α β ( β - α ) R Set up x-y axis labeled with forces, and the origin in the centre of the page. The cutting force (Fc) is drawn horizontally, and the tangential force (Ft) is drawn vertically. (Draw in the resultant (R) of Fc and Ft.
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