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For both of my sources i used the resources provided

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For both of my sources I used the resources provided to me through University of Phoenix library. Sources of information through Gale, EPSCO or ProQuest have been reviewed and evaluated to make sure the information is reliable, relevant, and from a credible source. My first source from Liberal Education did have an author bias toward Universities’ role in fostering social and personal responsibility. It was not a strong bias, the article focused more on the role of the student to use the
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resources provided by the university attended to grow in personal and social responsibility. This article from Liberal Education strengthened my essay by providing credible information to back up my thesis and ideas I wanted to portray. “A First Encounter with College” article did not show author bias. It was an informative article about what college students should expect in higher education. The article gave comparisons between high school and college, showing how they were different and how a college student should prepare for those differences. “A First Encounter with College” strengthened my essay with unbiased information about finding personal responsibility in higher education to make success easier.
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