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A although the main reason mr garbo employed amber is

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a. Although the main reason Mr. Garbo employed Amber is building more future business with Amber’s father company, but he made several mistakes. Specifically, Mr. Garbo was wrong for paying Amber much than she deserved based on her experience and qualifications, and he was wrong when ignoring her insubordination and low quality work. As stated in the case study, Amber definitely is not a stupid girl, if she was given a chance, she would promote herself to show what she could do. Based on the information given, it seems that because she knows the reason she was hired was not base on her knowledge and experience, she became lazy and was not interested in working. If Mr. Garbo keeps ignoring what Amber is doing and does not make any change, the other employees will not work with as much enthusiasm and dedication and the work place will experience distraction ad disruption. In addition, Mr. Garbo runs the risk of losing quality employees who are unwilling to work in that environment and know they have the skills and background to secure gainful employment elsewhere.
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6 2.) Now that she is employed, what course would you follow to address her on-the- job behavior? a. To address the inappropriate behavior of Amber, a more direct approach needs to be taken. The department manger should have a meeting with the president and Amber to discuss all of the issues at hand as well as the limitations of her father’s connections in providing job security. If it is not possible to have a meeting with the president present. The meeting should be had with Amber informing her of her wrong doings and the limits of her connections. Additionally, Amber should be informed that the president will be informed of the meeting and her behavior that lead to the meeting.
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a Although the main reason Mr Garbo employed Amber is...

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