Does the assignment have any seasonal aspects Volunteer determined changes How

Does the assignment have any seasonal aspects

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Does the assignment have any seasonal aspects? Volunteer-determined changes How open is the assignment to variations in volunteer skills, preferences and methods of working? Obviously, the amount of latitude built into a particular task will help determine the background and experience requirements of the appropriate volunteer. Is there any flexibility in the volunteer assignment based on the availability of volunteers? It might make sense to design the job knowing that students have times in the year when they are less available—during exams and vacations, for example. A Matter of Design: Job design theory and application to the voluntary sector 3 3
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Situation-determined changes Will the assignment require that the volunteer be ready to deal with unexpected or unpredictable demands? Situation-determined changes can make assignments both challenging and rewarding. STEP 5. MATCH VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIGNMENTS The last step of job design is actually one of the first steps of a healthy volunteer management cycle. Having created a series of volunteer assignments, the task of recruiting, training and managing volunteers to fill them should be easier and, hopefully, quite straightforward. As a final checklist, we offer the following: Does the assignment offer potential volunteers a range of ways to be involved (through tasks as discussed above)? Are you prepared to give the volunteer immediate, ongoing and direct feedback that is related to their task performance? Have you made clear the limits of responsibility and authority associated with the assignment, and the person to whom the volunteer reports? Again, providing appropriate feedback requires that the volunteer receive a written description of the assignment. The description should detail: the purpose of the assignment; tasks to be undertaken; specific parameters for the assignment; the skills required; and working conditions. A Matter of Design: Job design theory and application to the voluntary sector 3 4 I Volunteer
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