The unit has several main learning components divided into pre workshop

The unit has several main learning components divided

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The unit has several main learning components, divided into pre-workshop, workshop, and post-workshop sections for each topic. The Pre-Workshop consists of the lecture, readings, and review questions for a topic. The lecture is supplied as a series of short pre-recorded videos, and is complemented by required reading from the textbook. Once you have completed your preparation, you should complete the self-administered review questions. The review questions will help you to assess how well you have prepared for the Workshop, and will suggest areas for you to revise if you aren’t sure of the answers. The Workshop consists of a series of exercises designed to give you practice in applying the concepts from the topic in the context of a systems analysis and design problem. You should be prepared to discuss the material and to make your own notes to ensure you achieve the workshop learning outcomes. The Post-Workshop consists of a self-administered quiz on Moodle. The quiz enables you to review your learning on the topic, and forms part of your overall assessment in the unit. Contact time There will be 6 * 3.5 hour sessions plus 1 x 3 hour session during the teaching period. Each session will normally address two related topics. Please see the Study Schedule below for details. Time commitment As this is a 3-credit point unit, we expect you to spend on average 12 hours per week (including class time) for the total weeks of this teaching period (or approximately 150 hours overall) working on this unit. It is expected that this 12 hours per week will be spent in this way: - Preparation for topic: 5 hours - Workshop: 3 hours - Post workshop questions: 2 hours - Work on assignments: 2 hours
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