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EN 234 Week 6 Quiz

Student answer christian said that the american civil

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Student Answer: Christian said that the American Civil Rights history impacted the "Everyday Use" because many of the African Americans of that time shed all of their slave names and changed them to African names trying to go back to their roots. They also tried to find their true heritage and live the way they thought they were suppose to not the way the whites wanted them to act. Christian also said that the older blacks took to a more of a slave role like the whites thought a slave should do and left their culture behind. The story is about a grandma who is one of those slaves who are accustomed to the views on black slaves the whites put on them and lets it consumes her and she forgets about her heritage. I think since the American civil rights history was during that time a lot of the story is based
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on the challenges slaves had to keep their heritage and not become just a slave. Points Received: 3 of 5 Comments: 3. Question : Discuss critics Sandra M. Gilbert’s and Susan Gubar’s suggestions about women’s mental health practices in relation to the “treatment” in “The
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Student Answer Christian said that the American Civil...

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