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DSST Things to know_Intro to Business

57 the correct answer is d the primary functions

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57. The correct answer is (D). The primary functions performed by managers are planning, motivating, and controlling. 58. The correct answer is (C). Internal recruiting is the process of hiring employees from inside the company, including through promotions and transfers. 59. The correct answer is (D). Arbitration is binding; mediation is not. 60. The correct answer is (A). A 5 L 1 OE OE 5 creditors’ claims against resources A 5 L 1 creditors’ claims against resources INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 188 Dantes/DSST Program
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FEEDBACK LIST FROM IC Mems: 1. A neutral party that renders a decision between two parties - Arbitrator 2. Annual reports, Financial, Non financial -  3. Autocratic 4. Balance sheet 5. Board of directors 6. Break Event Analysis 7. Capitalism, What is it, Who is the father 8. Collective Bargaining 9. Communism  10. Cost of insurance policy coverage 11. Delegation in reference to management 12. Differences between: Communism, Socialism, Hybrid (mixed) economies, Planned economies 13. Different Business entities: Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Llcs, S corporations, C corporations 14. Different businesses: Corporation, Small business etc., Differences in their taxation, Liability implications of each 15. Different types of insurance: Liability, Business 16. Different types of marketing strategies: Segmentation, Targeting, Demographic, Geographic, Benefit, Psychographic 17. Different types of: Stocks, Bonds, Other securities, Dumping, Economics 18. European Union: What countries are involved 19. Federal Reserve: How many banks, What it is, What is the requirement 20. Federal Trade Commission Act 21. FIFO 22. Financial plan 23. Flexi place 24. Flextime definition and synonym 25. Franchises; What the benefits are, Who is the franchiser, Franchisee 26. Globalization 27. Goods produced to design specifications 28. Income statement 29. Indemnity 30. Input & output 31. Insurance policy that protects from loss of future profits in the event of a fire 32. International business 33. Job analysis  34. Job description 35. Job specification 36. Joint Venture 37. Karl Marx: Who, Associated with  38. Laissez Faire 39. Leverage--- in reference to investing 40. Management Functions: Controlling, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing 41. Margin trading 42. Market system in America 43, Marketing: Mix, Research, Segmentation 44. Maslow's hierarchy 45. Merger 46. Mixed Economy: What, Give example
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47. Monetary supply; (know what M0, M1, M2, and M3 are). 48. Monopoly 49. NAFTA 50. Nonstore retailing or hypermarket 51. Oldest market gauge 52. Oligopoly 53. Organizational Charts 54. Perfect or pure competition 55. Performance appraisal 56. Principle 57. Privatization 58. Proprietorship's --- the most COMMON form of business 59. Quality Assurance 60. Regulation Acts: Clayton, Sherman, Federal Trade Commission
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57 The correct answer is D The primary functions performed...

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