discovery of documents about them or by them did not by itself produce history

Discovery of documents about them or by them did not

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discovery of documents about them, or by them, did not, by itself, produce history acknowledging the contributions of women. ”通过这句话的“ did not acknowledge ”,我们可以认为是更严格了。 (D) Correct 。更多的关于女性历史的证据向历史研究者呈现了出来。 考点中的定位句中 reveal significant new historical evidence ”是这个选项正确的最好证明。 (E) 女性开始像职业的历史学家一样研究历史。 这个选项的关键词出现在原文第一句末尾, 但是和档案搜索的发展没有关系。
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ChaseDream GMATPrep 2007 阅读笔记 Practice Test #1 59 Essay 13 Comparable worth, as a standard applied to eliminate inequities in pay, insists that the values of certain tasks performed in dissimilar jobs can be compared. In the last decade, this approach has become a critical social policy issue, as large numbers of private-sector firms and industries as well as federal, state, and local governmental entities have adopted comparable worth policies or begun to consider doing so. This widespread institutional awareness of comparable worth indicates increased public awareness that pay inequities--that is, situations in which pay is not "fair" because it does not reflect the true value of a job--exist in the labor market. However, the question still remains: have the gains already made in pay equity under comparable worth principles been of a precedent-setting nature or are they mostly transitory, a function of concessions made by employers to mislead female employees into believing that they have made long-term pay equity gains? Comparable worth pay adjustments are indeed precedent-setting. Because of the principles driving them, other mandates that can be applied to reduce or eliminate unjustified pay gaps between male and female workers have not remedied perceived pay inequities satisfactorily for the litigants in cases in which men and women hold different jobs. But whenever comparable worth principles are applied to pay schedules, perceived unjustified pay differences are eliminated. In this sense, then, comparable worth is more comprehensive than other mandates, such as the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Neither compares tasks in dissimilar jobs (that is, jobs across occupational categories) in an effort to determine whether or not what is necessary to perform these tasks--know-how, problem-solving, and accountability--can be quantified in terms of its dollar value to the employer. Comparable worth, on the other hand, takes as its premise that certain tasks in dissimilar jobs may require a similar amount of training, effort, and skill; may carry similar responsibility; may be carried on in an environment having a similar impact upon the worker; and may have a similar dollar value to the employer. 文章的七经八脉: comparable worth ”是什么 ---- 它让我们支付平等 --- 但有个问题,这个是开创了先例的东西 还是只是个暂时的,为了应付女性的东西 --- 答案是前者 --- 介绍一下“ comparable worth ”比 之于其他的“ mandates ”的好处和作用。 这篇文章的从论坛看来大家的问题还是比较多的。在下面的一些问题中会尽量详细解释。在补充 说明中有相应的背景知识帮忙大家理解。
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