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LGST 101 Lecture 8

Also means that if you lend object to someone but

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Also means that if you lend object to someone, but that someone is irresponsible, then you are at least partly responsible o You have liability with a good o You have responsibility to know what that good will be used for o Courts can also imply knowledge to you – “you should have known this” o If you have a hazardous good, you are responsible for its disposition You must take reasonable measures to make sure that you keep yourself, your friends and family, and third parties safe
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o Alcohol Rules regarding alcohol are very strict, compared to other goods Party with alcohol Host-guest responsibility, host-guest liability o If I allow you to come to my party, and you get drunk, and I continue to let you drink, and you go and have an accident You are liable o If I make an effort to cut you off and prevent you from leaving and driving, then you have an accident You are not liable o Host must make an effort to keep other person safe Otherwise, you are liable Dram Used to be a measurement of rum Bars that sell alcohol by bottle or by shot are considered dram shops Bars have responsibility to cut you off, since you are a threat to yourself and others Most states impose responsibility on seller, host, on anyone who is offering this good, for sale or for free Case: mainline Woman purchased alcohol for high school kids’ party o She knew that kids would go out and drink anyway So she held the party at her home, and took kids’ keys, etc.
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