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35 to rs 25 as he is buying around 6 pairs as the

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Unformatted text preview: 35 to Rs. 25 as he is buying around 6 pairs. As the seller was getting a good ‘bargain’ himself he agrees and the buyer ends up buying not 6 but 8 pairs. Physical Evidence: Situated near to the beach Sunday bazaar attracts a crowd from different towns with different demographics and psychographics as everyone has a holiday on Sunday. Realizing the vast opportunities that the bazaar would bring the authorities have renovated the bazaar with paved walkways and fiber shades to nearly twice its size with huge parking, washrooms and entertainment facilities including a huge food court. This renovation has attracted not only poor people but also that with hefty purses and thick wallets, which 43 shows that bargaining here is not only done as a necessity but also for the purpose of entertainment. As the level of convenience has increased so has the number of people who visit the Sunday bazaar due to which not only more bargaining takes place but more retailers want to set up a stall. For the retailers the place has become somewhat of a maze because they believe that because of its huge size customers can’t seem to remember a stall they had visited the previous week and due to this the level of customer relationship has gone down. Secondly, according to some the rents have gone high due to which their bargaining power has gone down whereas some deny this statement stating that the renovation on the contrary has brought them more customers and shoppers and the rent does justice to what they are getting. One respondent says, ‘Rates are higher as retailers costs have increased due to higher prices of stalls’ (Respondent 35, interview, February 13, 2011). On the other hand the customers or the people who visit the bazaars find the huge size of the bazaar and the renovation as a plus point as they have more avenues to bargain and to find what comes to their liking. People: Most of the retailers rent out a stall at Sunday bazaar because firstly, they expect better profits as it is a bargaining hub and secondly, because they can make sales on a Sunday due to higher customer traffic and footfall. As these people already have their own shops and stores it is not difficult for them to acquire goods for the purpose of making a sale. Also, whatever is out of fashion, is in bulk or simply taking space that should be there for something else, is sold at Sunday bazaar at a bargain price which would be less than if the product was sold at a shopping mall or plaza. One customer says, ‘ They are at the bottom of the supply chain (at Sunday bazaar) and are the main/integral part of the bazaar and know very well how to exploit the customer or the manufacturer’ (Respondent 48, interview, February 20, 2011). This way the retailers make sure that everyone gets some benefit out of the sale and is content with the sale/purchase. Coming from different ethnic backgrounds the retailers might seem to dominate a particular category, however their techniques of selling a product has become so monotonously similar that customers treat every retailer as a Pathan ....
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35 to Rs 25 as he is buying around 6 pairs As the seller...

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