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Intermediate Phonetics 5 Week 10 Mar. 20 Articulatory phonetics IV (cont.) Ch. 6 Mar. 22 Working on posters Last day to withdraw with no financial credit Week 11 Mar. 27 Speech perception Reading TBA Mar. 29 Speech perception Poster submission (10%) Week 12 Apr. 3 Mini-colloquium Poster presentation (5%) Apr. 5 Review for final exam VI. Note on attendance and participation There is no grade assigned for attendance and participation. However, each missing class and every late arrival (of more than 15 minutes after class start time) lead to -0.5% deduction of the final grade, and deductions are accumulative. Also, three times of late arrival (<10 minutes late) is considered as absence. Active participation makes a 3% bonus. You are encouraged to visit me during office hours to ask questions, make comments, share ideas and consult about your final project. VII. Food and Drink Policy Feel free to eat or drink in class. However, as a matter of courtesy, avoid crunchy and smelly food that may distract your peers in class as well as food that other people might be allergic to. VIII. Additional Information Access services: The Access Service contributes to the creation of an inclusive environment by developing strategies and implementing measures that aim to reduce the barriers to learning for students who have learning disabilities, health, psychiatric or physical conditions. For more info, visit their website at Academic integrity: Academic integrity means being responsible for the quality of your work, preparing it honestly and respecting the intellectual community you are part of as a student. It is a core value in all scholarly work. Therefore, submitting work that goes against this core value is considered to be academic fraud . It is your responsibility to be familiar with this concept. For more info, visit the student guide at .
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