Q10 Do You Prefer Informal Or Formal Clothes Why Q11 Do You Feel Comfortable

Q10 do you prefer informal or formal clothes why q11

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Q10: Do You Prefer Informal Or Formal Clothes? (Why?) Q11: Do You Feel Comfortable When Wearing Formal Clothes? (Why? / Why Not?) Q12: Do You Think Formal Clothes Are Important? Q13: When Do People Wear Formal Clothes? Q14: Are You Very Interested In Fashion (Or, Clothes Fashions)? Color Q1: What Color Do You Like? Why? Q2: Do Colors Have Some Symbolic Meaning In Vietnam? Computer Q1: How Often Do You Use The Computer? Q2: Who Taught You How To Use A Computer? Q3: Do You Think Computers Have Changed Your Life A Lot? Cooking 1: Do You Like Cooking? 2: What Do You Like To Cook? 3: Where Do You Usually Cook? Crowded Place Q1: What Places Do You Think Are The Crowded Area? Q2: When Was The Last Time You Were In The Crowded Area? Q3: How Do You Feel When You Are In The Crowded Place? Daily Routine Q1. What Is The Busiest Part Of The Day For You? Q2. What Part Of Your Day Do You Like Best? Q3. Do You Usually Have The Same Routine Every Day? Q4. What Is Your Daily Routine? Q5. Do You Ever Change Your Routine? Q6. Do You Think It Is Important To Have A Daily Routine? Q7. What Would You Like To Change In Your Day To Day Routine? Q8. Are All Your Days The Same? Q9. When Time Do You Get Up? Dream In Childhood Q1: What Was Your Dream When You Were Young? Q2: Has It Changed? Q3: Will It Change In The Future?
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