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Remote Sensing - a tool for environmental observation

Peterson d.l j.d aber p.a matson d.h card n swanberg

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Unformatted text preview: Peterson D.L., J.D. Aber, P.A. Matson, D.H. Card, N. Swanberg, C. Wessman & M. Spanner, 1988, Remote Sensing of Forest Canopy and Leaf Biochemical Contents. Remote Sensing of Environment 24, pp.85-108. Pieters C.M. & P.A.J. Englert (Eds.), 1993, Remote Geochemical Analysis: Elemental and Mineralogical Composition. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 594 pp. Reeves R.G. (Ed.), 1975, Manual of Remote Sensing. ASPRS, Falls Church. Richards J.A., 1986, Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis, An Introduction. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 281 pp. Rosenfield G.H. & K. Fitzpatrick-Lins, 1986, A Coefficient of Agreement as a Measure of Thematic Classification Accuracy. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote sensing, Vol.52, pp. 223-227. Rubin T.D., 1993, Spectral Mapping with Imaging Spectrometers. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote sensing, Vol.59, pp. 215-220. Sabins F.F., 1987, Remote Sensing: Principles and Interpretation. Freeman and Company, New York, 449 pp. Sellers P.J., 1989, Vegetation-Canopy Spectral Reflectance and Biophiscal Processes. In: G. Asrar (Ed.), Theory and Applications of Optical Remote sensing. Wiley & Sons, New York, pp.297-335. Singh A., 1986, Digital Change Detection Techniques using Remotely Sensed Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 6, pp.989-1003. Strahler A.H., 1980, The Use of Prior Probabilities in Maximum Likelihood Classification of Remotely Sensed Data. Remote Sensing of Environment 10, pp.135-163. Tanré D., C. Deroo, P. Duhaut, M. Herman, J.J. Morcette, J. Perbos & P.Y. Deschamps, 1985, Effects Atmosphérique en Télédetection, Logiciel de Simulation du Signal Satéllitaire dan le Spectre Solaire. Proc. 3rd Int. Coll. on Spectral Signatures of Objects in Remote Sensing, 16- 20 December, Les Arcs, pp.315-319. 115 TERRA, 2005, TERRA, The EOS Flagship. WWW document, http://terra.nasa.gov/ accessed 01/05/2005. Thunissen H., R. Olthof, P. Getz & L. Vels, 1991, Grondgebruiksdatabank van Nederland met behulp van Landsat Thematic Mapper Opnamen. BCRS rapport 91-32, Delft. Tucker C.J., 1979, Red and Photographic Infrared Linear Combinations for Monitoring Vegetation. Remote Sensing of Environment 8, pp.127-150. Tucker C.J., J.A. Gatlin & S.R. Schneider, 1984, Monitoring Vegetation in the Nile Delta with NOAA-6 and NOAA-7 AVHRR imagery. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 50, pp. 53-61. Tucker C.J., C.O. Justice & S.D. Prince, 1986, Monitoring the Grasslands of the Sahel 1984- 1985. Int. J. Remote sensing 7 (11): 1571-1581. Vane G. & A.F.H. Goetz, 1988, Terrestrial Imaging Spectroscopy. Remote Sensing of Environment 24, pp.1-29. Woodcock C.E., A.H. Strahler & D.L.B. Jupp, 1988a, The Use of Semivariograms in Remote Sensing: I. Scene Models and Simulated Images. Remote Sensing of Environment 25, pp.323- 248. Woodcock C.E., A.H. Strahler & D.L.B. Jupp, 1988b, The Use of Semivariograms in Remote Sensing: II. Real Digital Images. Remote Sensing of Environment 25, pp.349-379....
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Peterson D.L J.D Aber P.A Matson D.H Card N Swanberg C...

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