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Chapter 4-6 Final Exam Study Guide

Key traits enduring characteristics within a person

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Key traits —enduring characteristics within a person or in relationship with others. Traits include assertiveness, extroversion, compliance, dominance, and aggression Key traits revealed in a person's self-concept , which is the way people see themselves and the way they believe others see them. Real v ideal Perception : the process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets information to create a meaningful picture of the world Selective exposure occurs when people pay attention to messages that are consistent with their attitudes and beliefs and ignore messages that are inconsistent Selective comprehension involves interpreting information so that it is consistent with your attitudes and beliefs Selective retention means that consumers do not remember all the information they see, read, or hear, even minutes after exposure to it. Perceived risk : the anxiety felt because the consumer cannot anticipate the outcomes of a purchase but believes there may be negative consequences Strategies to reduce the consumer's risk and encourage purchases: Obtaining seals of approval Securing endorsements form influential people Providing free trials Giving extensive usage instructions Providing warranties and guarantees
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