For pass 1 1 show the literal pool for table entries

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: For pass 1 : 1. Show the literal pool For table entries use the form <literal> <location> <LTORG #> 2. Show the symbol table For table entries use the form <symbol> <location> For pass 2 : 3. Show the assembled code (don't forget to install literals) 4. Show the relocation dictionary (RLD) (simply list the addresses of those operands requiring modification if the code is relocated) 5. Show the external symbol dictionary (ESD) a. External definitions (EXTDEF part) Use the form <symbol> <location> b. External references (EXTREF part) Use the form <symbol> <location-of-reference> Assume each module is loaded : RTN1 at 1000 (hex) RTN2 at 5000 (hex) RTN3 at 10000 (hex). 6. Show the code as relocated (modified according to the relocation dictionary). 7. Show the global external symbol dictionary, with symbolic references adjusted to reflect load points. 8. Show the code in final form after processing the global external symbol dictionary. 9. What is the starting address from which to execute the code?
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