Ii what skills do you have now that make you a good

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II.  What skills do you have now that make you a good “fit” for this career goal ( minimum  five   complete sentences )? One of the skills I have now that make me a good fit for this career is the knowledge of how to implement the manufacturers requested changes. Because my job now is in the field making the changes requested, I have a better understanding of different ways to make things fit. Sometimes it’s not just a shelf that a product moves. Sometimes the product moves a complete category. For example something in Skin Care goes into the Sun Care set. A product can’t simply be placed anywhere on a shelf. The placement needs to make sense. It needs to be near other like products both in size, and type. This knowledge will help me when negotiating with manufactures as I will be have a better overall idea of what should go where and if that clients request would make sense both for their product and for the category. Should their request not make sense I will know what kind of a suggestion to make that may work for both parties involved. III.  What skills and/or experiences will you need to gain to excel in this career area and  how will you gain these skills/experiences ( minimum  five  complete sentences )? Designing and building merchandising displays is a skill that I need to gain in order to excel at this career. There is more to a product than just its place on a shelf. Everywhere you look in stores there are card board, plastic and metal displays with products on them. Usually they are standing in an aisle as in a tower display, sitting on a shelf at the end of an aisle as an end cap or placed on a shelf called a riser which sits on top of the category
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section. These displays are designed by category specialist at the request of the client. (manufacturer) The placement of the display is usually worked into the category placement fee and is for a specified time only. It is meant to be a promotional item, not a permanent fixture. IV.  What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work  towards achieving this goal?  How will you respond to or strive to overcome these  obstacles/challenges?  What resources might be helpful ( minimum  five   complete  sentences )? One of the obstacles I might encounter while working on this goal is my lack of artistic ability. I have a hard time drawing a straight line without a ruler. I will work to overcome this obstacle by taking courses that can help me design the displays such as adobe and photoshop. I’m sure there are many more that I am unaware of at this time. As a resource I will use my Kaplan Academic Advisor. When it comes time to pick elective courses I will discuss my needs the courses and see which courses they recommend I take. V.
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II What skills do you have now that make you a good fit for...

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