example can be making use of virtual devices as customers can have a feel of

Example can be making use of virtual devices as

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example can be making use of virtual devices as customers can have a feel of going to a virtual shop without stepping out of their house by donning the VR devices. All these usages of IoT will benefit Sea Group in the long run and increase its revenue. Adopting Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy As we enter the digital era, social media, internet and smart devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. Consumers' behaviour have also changed and become unpredictable due to certain moments which we call micro moments that happen naturally. All these moments can be a game changer for consumers and Sea Group. According to research from Google, 69% of leisure travellers search for ideas during their free time like travelling on a train or taxi and book their trip on a different channel. 91% of smartphone users search for information while doing something else, 82% of the smart devices’ users use their devices to do research on the products they are about to purchase in the retail stores and 1/10 of them ended up buying a different product which they initially planned to buy and lastly 69% of the online consumers agreed that quality, timing and relevance of the company’s mission or vision influence the perception of the company or brand of the consumers. By adopting this strategy, Sea Group will be able to attract more customers and gain more revenue (Ramaswamy, 2015). 2.4.4 Threats Negative Reviews On the internet, anyone can voice their concerns or views and write negative stuff about anyone or any companies. People are more prone to complain rather than compliment, and with negative reviews or complaints, it can affect the company badly as it creates an impression that the company is not reliable and cannot be trusted to provide good products and services. There is also the risk of negative reviews or complaints going viral on social media which will reach out to almost everyone who is on social media platforms. With this, it will likely affect the business and result in loss of revenue, and it will take time for the company which may take months or years to rebuild and regain trust with its customers (Neil, n.d.). Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks
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