Read sternheim kane sections 192 197 e quipment you

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Read Sternheim & Kane sections 19.2, 19.7 E QUIPMENT You have a coil of 200 turns of wire, an 18volt/5amp power supply, a compass, meterstick, digital multimeter (DMM), Hall probe and a computer data acquisition system. Do not use the Cenco CRT power supply for this problem. If you need assistance, send an email to [email protected] . Include the room number and brief description of the problem. W ARM UP 1. Make a sketch of a coil of radius R. Define a coordinate axis, label the relevant quantities, and indicate the direction of the current through the coil. Select a point along the axis at which you will calculate the magnetic field. 2 . Select a small element of current along the coil, which will cause a small fraction of this magnetic field. Label the length of that current element. Draw a position vector from that current element to the selected point along the axis of the coil. Power Supply x y DMM 137
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