Tell me thisdo you admit you played your part in this burial or will you swear

Tell me thisdo you admit you played your part in this

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Tell me this—do you admit you played your part in this burial, or will you swear an oath you had no knowledge of it? ISMENE I did it—I admit it, and she’ll back me up. So I bear the guilt as well. ANTIGONE No, no—justice will not allow you to say that. You didn’t want to. I didn’t work with you. ISMENE But now you’re in trouble, I’m not ashamed of suffering, too, as your companion. 620 ANTIGONE Hades and the dead can say who did it— I don’t love a friend whose love is only words. ISMENE You’re my sister. Don’t dishonour me. Let me respect the dead and die with you. ANTIGONE Don’t try to share my death or make a claim to actions which you did not do. I’ll die— and that will be enough. 2 Hades: King of the Underworld and god of the dead Conflicting Motivations ACTIVITY 4.12 continued My Notes © 2018 College Board. All rights reserved. 340 SpringBoard ® English Language Arts Grade 10
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My Notes ACTIVITY 4.12 continued ISMENE But if you’re gone, what is there in life for me to love? ANTIGONE Ask Creon. He’s the one you care about. ISMENE Why hurt me like this? It doesn’t help you. 630 ANTIGONE If I am mocking you, it pains me, too. ISMENE Even now is there some way I can help? ANTIGONE Save yourself. I won’t envy your escape. ISMENE I feel so wretched leaving you to die. ANTIGONE But you chose life—it was my choice to die. ISMENE But not before I’d said those words just now. ANTIGONE Some people may approve of how you think— others will believe my judgment’s good. ISMENE But the mistake’s the same for both of us. ANTIGONE Be brave. You’re alive. But my spirit died 640 some time ago so I might help the dead. CREON I’d say one of these girls has just revealed how mad she is—the other’s been that way since she was born. ISMENE My lord, whatever good sense people have by birth no longer stays with them once their lives go wrong—it abandons them. CREON In your case, that’s true, once you made your choice to act in evil ways with wicked people. ISMENE How could I live alone, without her here? CREON Don’t speak of her being here. Her life is over. 650 ISMENE You’re going to kill your own son’s bride? CREON Why not? There are other fields for him to plough. ISMENE No one will make him a more loving wife than she will. CREON I have no desire my son should have an evil wife. ANTIGONE Dearest Haemon, how your father wrongs you. CREON I’ve had enough of this—you and your marriage. ISMENE You really want that? You’re going to take her from him? CREON No, not me. Hades is the one who’ll stop the marriage. CHORUS LEADER So she must die—that seems decided on. 660 CREON Yes—for you and me the matter’s closed. [Creon turns to address his attendants] © 2018 College Board. All rights reserved. Unit 4 • Dramatic Justice 341
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