Transcribed when c fos or c jun binds release is

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transcribed when c-fos or c-jun binds) Release is triggered by depolarization Degradation occurs through proteolytic degradation or binding to truncated receptors which limits their diffusion All growth factors elicit their biological effects via the stimulation of RTKs Neurotrophins : exclusively in nervous system, small and dimerize to form biologically active signaling molecules; bind to the promiscuous p75 receptor and to the Tropomycin/Tyrosine receptor kinase ( Trk) family of RTKs which stimulate MAPK pathways
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Trk Receptors Limited to neurons Kinase domains are highly conserved; differ in their extracellular domains When ligand binds, the ligand-receptor complex internalizes and is then transported to the cell body by axonal transport
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