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48)Why is oil a dominant medium in easel painting? A)It offers the most flexibility for blending colors and subtle portrayal of light and textures. B)It provides extraordinaryprecision of detail and subtle linear shaping.<!--Markup Copied from Habitat--> C)It dries quickly and offers little room for error. D)It offers limited, but striking color choices.
49)Who was the most important early video artist?
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50)The organization of a medium that clarifies or reveals a subject matter is described as
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51) What is the focus of straight photography?
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52) Which type of sculpture especially brings out the three-dimensionality of objects? A)high relief sculpture B)sunken relief sculpture C)low relief sculpture D)sculpture in the round
53)The statement that there are more detailed relationships inThe Flamethan inThe Last Supperis Version 116
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54) Which statement best describes watercolor pigment?
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55) Which of the following is pigment bound by egg yolk?
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56)Which of the following elements of drama includes set design? Version 117
A)plot B)diction C)music D)spectacle
57) Subject matter clarified and made meaningful through its detachment from accidental or in significant aspects denotes
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58) In tragedy, what is the cleansing or purification that occurs after feeling pity and fear for the character?
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59)Hamlet's famous speech,"To be, or not to be..." is an example of Version 118
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60)What statement best describes the space around a sculpture? A)It is sensory. B)It is intangible. C)It is empty. D)It is shallow.
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