sharing of resources limited capacity external communication trigger time There

Sharing of resources limited capacity external

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sharing of resources (limited capacity) external communication (trigger time) There are several ways to evaluate throughput/waiting time: average variance service level ability to meet due dates 39
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Redesign criterion 3: Costs Type of costs fixed or variable, human, system (hardware/software), or external, processing, management, or support. Note the trade-off between human/system-related costs. 41
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Redesign criterion 4: Flexibility The ability to react to changes Flexibility of resources (ability to execute many tasks/new tasks) process (ability to handle various cases and changing workloads) management (ability to change rules/allocation) organization (ability to change the structure and responsiveness to wishes of the market and business partners) 42
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Heuristic redesign framework EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Organisation -Structure -Population Information Technology Operation view Business process Behavioural view Mixes elements of WCA, CIMOSA, MOBILE frameworks Has been validated using two case studies and questionnaire among over a 100 Dutch and UK BPR experts Classifies collected best practices 43
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Heuristics positioned in the framework Customer Control relocation Contact reduction Integra- tion Process Operation Case types Activity elimina- tion Case- based work Triage Activity composi- tion Process Behavior Resequen -cing Paralle- lism Knock-out Exception Organiza- tion Case assign- ment Flexible assign- ment Centraliza- tion Split res- ponsibi- lities Customer teams Numerical involve- ment Case manager Extra resources Specialist generalist Empower Informa- tion Control addition Buffering Techno- logy Automa- tion Integral techno- logy External Trusted party Outsour- cing Interfacing 44
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Heuristics defined (1) 45
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Heuristics defined (2) 46
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Most popular redesign heuristics* 1. Task elimination 2. Integral technology 3. Task composition 4. Parallelism 5. Specialist-generalist 6. Resequencing 7. Integration 8. Empower 9. Numerical involvement 10. Case assignment 47 *Mansar, Selma Limam, and Hajo A. Reijers. "Best practices in business process redesign: validation of a redesign framework." Computers in industry , Vol. 56, no. 5 (2005): 457-471.
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