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Notes header record column 1 h 2 7 csect name 8 13

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Notes Header record : Column 1: H 2-7: CSECT name 8-13: Starting address of CSECT (hex) 14-19: Length of CSECT in bytes (hex) Refer record : Column 1: R 2-7: Name of external symbol referenced in this CSECT 8-73: Names of other external symbols referenced in this CSECT Define record : Column 1: D 2-7: Name of external symbol defined in this CSECT 8-13: Relative location of symbol in this CSECT (hex) 14-73: Repeat of information in columns 2-13 for any other external symbols Text record : Column 1: T 2-7: Starting address (in this CSECT) for the object code in this record 8-9: Length of object code in this record in bytes (hex) 10-69: Object code, represented in hexadecimal (each byte of object code requires two columns) Modification record : Column 1: M 2-7: Relative address (in this CSECT) of field to be modified (hex) 8-9: Length of field to be modified, in half-bytes (hex) 10: Modification flag (+ or -) 11-16: External symbol whose value is to be added to or subtracted from the indicated field End record : Column 1: E 2-7: If the first executable instruction for the program is in this CSECT, its address (hex)
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