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Thesis Final Report (long)

Q why does a customer come to you do you offer

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Unformatted text preview: Q: Why does a customer come to you? Do you offer impressive rates or what? A: we have quality cloth, we offer good rates and we work hard so it pays off. Q: So if new customer steps in, he/she bargains more? A: No no, customers here are good. Q: Your customers are women, they have a tendency for bargaining? A: no, customers here are good. Q: female customers here come alone to shop or are accompanied by males? A: they sometimes shop alone and are also accompanies by their males. 149 Q: who goes for more bargaining? Males or females? A: Females actually, males do nothing but stand in the back. Q: But why do females do it? A: that’s because they want to save their husband’s money. Somewhat. It is their habit. Q: What technique should be employed for effective bargaining? What would get you to lower the price? A: nothing, everyone’s equal in our eyes and we respect our profession and shopkeepering. If anyone is not interested, we ask them to leave. Q: if someone is dressed as from the upperclass, would you raise the price? A: No, I won’t. Q: are you a pathan? A: No I am a sindhi. Q: so if someone starts talking in sindhi, would you offer them lower rates? A: We do start talking in sindhi but would not offer them lower rates; same rates for everyone. Q: Not even a bit? A: you know how it goes, if the customer gets to know that he is from the same race; then loyalty develops. Q: So does the language matter whilst the bargain? A: No it doesn’t. (I did not get the continuing part). People with the same language are good as it is easy and hassle free, with them, to communicate. Q: Do you think the market condition is good? A: market is good by the grace of God. Retailer # 9 Gender: Male Age bracket: 30-35 Profession: Selling Clothing items for men/women/children Q. Since how long have you been working here? A. For the past two, three years i.e. ever since this new bazaar has come into existence, but I also used to set up stalls at the old Sunday Bazaar. Q. Do you have another shop elsewhere? A. Yes, I have a shop at the light house. Q. All the items that you have on sale are second hand? A. Yes. We sale stuff for ladies, gents, children and there are clothing items mostly. In winters I sell jackets. Q. Are you satisfied with your business here in terms of the profit that you get to earn? A. Yes, infact it is much better than before. We get good, educated customers and within a day I sell items worth 15,000-25,000 rupees Q. How do you handle customers when they insist on bargaining? A. The female customers do that more often as compared to the male customers. So right from the beginning we tell them a higher price so that even after bargaining we are not at a loss. For example we tell the price of a shirt to a male customer for 100 and the same shirt to a female customer for 150 rupees. Also we have seperate salesmen who deal particularly with female customers only....
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Q Why does a customer come to you Do you offer impressive...

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