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6 having the time resources and education to refine

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6 Having the time, resources and education to refine these caring characteristics are worth lobbying for. concerned for the victim but has the following characteristics: Takes over the thinking and problem solving Does more than their share Does things they do not want to do. The basic premise is that the victim cannot solve her/his own problem and needs the res- cuer’s help. Thus, a cycle is begun or perpetu- ated or added to. The persecutor’s role can be taken on by either the rescuer or the victim, as they deal with the less-than-satisfactory effects of playing those roles. Persecutors can work in either re- taliatory or passive modes, believing the victim doesn’t matter – they might have been rescuers but turn into victims in this scenario. It’s all a bit complicated and there are tomes written on the DT but it’s well worth having a general understanding of it, in order to increase one’s self-awareness and self-management. A more positive behavioural model The Winner’s Triangle (WT) is a far more posi- tive model to work towards (see figure 2). 4 The rescuer’s position is transformed into “caring”, where there is concern for the “vulnerable” person (victim in DT). Caring people: Do not do the thinking (for the vulnerable person). Figure 1: The Drama Triangle Figure 2: The Winner’s Triangle Assertive Persecutor P R V Vulnerable Victim Caring Rescuer
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6 Having the time resources and education to refine these...

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