A a recent decrease in the number of available

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A. A recent decrease in the number of available suppliers within the United States automobile industry B. A debate within Western management circles during the past decade regarding the value of strategic partnerships C. The success of certain European automobile manufacturers that have adopted strategic partnerships D. An increase in demand over the past decade for automobiles made by Western manufacturers E. Research comparing Japanese business practices with those of other nations Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q11: The author mentions “the success of a certain well-known Japanese automaker” (lines 15- 17) most probably in order to A. demonstrate some of the possible reasons for the success of a certain business practice B. cite a specific case that has convinced Western business experts of the value of a certain business practice 20
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C. describe specific steps taken by Western automakers that have enabled them to compete more successfully in a global market D. introduce a paradox about the effect of a certain business practice in Japan E. indicate the need for Western managers to change their relationships with their external business partners Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q12: Which of the following is most clearly an example of the practice referred to in lines 38- 49 of the passage? A. A department store chain that employs a single buyer to procure all the small appliances to be sold in its stores B. An automobile manufacturer that has used the same supplier of a particular axle component for several years in a row C. A hospital that contracts only with union personnel to staff its nonmedical positions D. A municipal government that decides to cancel its contract with a waste disposal company and instead hire its own staff to perform that function E. A corporation that changes the food-service supplier for its corporate headquarters several times over a five-year period as part of a cost-cutting campaign. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q13: The traditional treatment of strep infections has been a seven-day course of antibiotics, either penicillin or erythromycin. However, since many patients stop taking those drugs within three days, reinfection is common in cases where those drugs are prescribed. A new antibiotic requires only a three-day course of treatment. Therefore, reinfection will probably be less common in cases where the new antibiotic is prescribed than in cases where either penicillin or erythromycin is prescribed. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument? A. Some of the people who are allergic to penicillin are likely to be allergic to the
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A A recent decrease in the number of available suppliers...

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