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The song should be sung stable like a mountain going

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around one another and robes and headbands in their hair while singing. The song should be sung “stable, like a mountain going up to the sky.” CD 2 Track #18 1. The name of this piece is “Weidao” also known as “Scent.” 2. This song is a traditional genre. 3. The region of origin is Taiwan. 4. This song would be classified as popular. 5. The music is by Huang Guolun the lyrics are written by Yao Qian and this song is performed by Winnie Hsin as the voice, the guitar player Ni Fanglai, and the keyboards played by Tu Ying. 6. The voice is beautiful and this song includes the guitar and keyboard. 7. The target audience is people that liked to listen to sentimental mainstream at the time. 8. This song won a major mainland song prize and it represented the sentimental mainstream that was popular at the time. This song meant a lot to the singer because it related to her ole relationship with a man that treated her badly but she just could not forget about him. The Communist Party thought this type of music was very unhealthy for people but this was a time of rise for female musicians and performers.
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