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MGMT 310 DB Week 3

Workers are given tasks based on their position never

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Workers are given tasks based on their position, never more than that. Sometimes a task would go undone for hours because the individual responsible for it is busy and other workers would not take it upon themselves (Doing Business in India, 2012). Women in the workplace initiate contact with their male counterparts. When greeting a woman, she would reach out for the hand shake and the male would follow up. If the female does not offer her hand, the male would greet her with a slight head nod. In addition to that, touching of the head, whether male or female is considered rude. When it comes to building relationships, trust must be gained beforehand by showing respect and honesty. When there is trust, individuals begin to offer more favorable deals. And while trust is important, punctuality is not much of a priority. It is considered normal if a meeting begins 10 minutes late. This is usually due to the fact that there is an understanding that individuals must tend to their families before conducting business (India Business Culture, n.d.). England is another country which has many differences when compared to the US. Unlike India, punctuality is very important here. It is normal practice to arrive to meetings a few minutes ahead of time. And when it comes to making decisions, they take their time coming to a final
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