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Kotter 1996 mentions that a good vision can serve as

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Kotter (1996) mentions that a good vision can serve as motivation for people to act in a way that is not necessarily in their own short-term, self-interest (Kotter, 1996). One interviewee explicitly stated that not all employees seemed to understand the purpose of the strategy: I am not sure that employees understand the vision of the projects. I am afraid that it is because the projects and the objectives have not been introduced well enough. Some employees question their status at the firm because of the changes. If we had presented the projects efficiently and we had emphasized on selling the ideas better, employees would agree and understand the vision better. Interviewees seemed to agree that the vision that was formed for each project was clear. Overall, interviewees felt that the managers agreed on the vision but acknowledged the purpose of the projects had not been understood by the employees. 4.2.4 Enlist a Volunteer Army Creating a vision is one thing but to have a successful implementation one must communicate the vision effectively. Communicating the vision of the organization is very important for the implementation phase. The vision clarifies the direction of change and can help employees to understand the need for it (Kotter, 1996).
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