5 a bias occurs when a representative sample is

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5. (a) _______________________________ bias occurs when a representative sample is chosen for a survey, but a subset cannot be contacted or does not respond. (b) ________________________________ bias occurs when participants respond differently from how they feel, perhaps because of the way questions are worded or the way the interviewer behaves. 6. A large medical organization with membership consisting of doctors, nurses, and other medical employees wants to know how its members feel about health maintenance organizations (HMOs). Name the type of sampling plan they would use in each of the following scenarios. (a) They randomly sample 500 members from each of the lists of all doctors, all nurses, and all other employees and survey these 1500 members. ________________________________________ (b) They randomly choose a starting point from the first 50 names in an alphabetical list of members, then choose every 50 th member in the list, starting at that point. __________________________________ (c) They select a random sample of hospitals where their members work and survey all members of the organization who work in each hospital. ________________________________________ 7. If a sample is selected so that it systematically favors certain groups of the population, we say it is ________________________. 8. A random sample of 1001 University of California faculty members was asked, “Do you favor or oppose using race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin as a criterion for admission to the University of California?” 52% responded “favor.” What was the population for this survey?
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Chapter 5: Producing Data 9. List the two characteristics necessary for a sample to be a simple random sample. 1. 2. 10. A popular magazine often presents readers with the opportunity to answer a survey question by mailing in their response to the magazine. A typical question might be, “Do you think there is too much violence on television?” This type sample is called a/an ________________________________ sample. 11. (a) Explain briefly the difference between an observational study and an experiment. (b) In which one of these is it safer to conclude that the difference in response was caused by the effect of the explanatory variable? ___________________________ 12. List the three basic principles of experimental design (key words are sufficient): (a) _______________________ (b) _________________________ (c) _______________________ 13. Sometimes researchers think that experimental units are different enough in regard to an important variable that they should be grouped on that variable and then randomly assigned to treatments. These groups are called _________________. 14.
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5 a bias occurs when a representative sample is chosen for...

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