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Clear, Concise, Thoughtful What is the appropriate length for a thesis statement? (p. 65, or p. 68 ) Thesis Continued Which thesis below satisfies the requirements of a critical thesis: – I will show that Ventura focuses on love in a limited manner – I show that Ventura s notion of love is problematic – Ventura s notion of love is narrowly focused on passion, or physical attraction, making it problematically limited What should you consider when you are deriving your thesis for your MODR final Critical Essay?
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Another thesis: Although Ventura may be correct in assuming passion and security in the same relationship are a modern endeavour, his claim that they are not sustainable in the same relationship is demonstrated with several hasty generalizations, which leads to a narrow idea of a “relationship.” If Ventura expanded his argumentative mode to include the emotional mode, I show that he might be able to strengthen his argument.
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