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Other capabilities of wireless devices include e mail

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Other capabilities of wireless devices include e-mail, text messages, Wi-Fi, music and video player, global positioning system, calendar, and schedule. Wireless transmission media comes in 2 types, microwave transmission and satellite transmission. Satellite transmission has 5 sub-categories, geostationary orbit, middle earth orbit, low earth orbit, global positioning system, and Internet over satellite. The difference between Internet and web. Internet is the structure of the World Wide Web, while web is how we use the Internet to access the information.
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Week 4 Reflection Summary 3 The Internet works on a wireless mesh network, which means information is passed from router to router until it reaches its final destination. The internet is such a strong system because of the wireless mesh system it works on, this system is a self-healing network system. Also covered in class was the difference between e-business and e- commerce. E-business is the process of doing business electronically, e- commerce is the exchange of goods and services electronically. Mobile commerce falls under this category. Because of mobile phones and wireless devices mobile commerce has a widespread availability and is on the rise. One of the most well-known and widely used forms of mobile commerce here in Florida is the E-Pass system used on highways. With a small RFID devices placed on the windshield of vehicles the state can take pre-payments for tolls and with scanners on the tolls can scan each vehicles unique tag and deplete the pre-paid funds.
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